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WPPA Safe Return to Play Guidelines

Dear WPPA Families and Players,


I get to say in this email something I wasn’t 100% sure would happen this season – it is time to “Play Ball”!  Some of our traditions will not happen this year (such as the Rookie opening parade), but the most important aspects of what we offer our kids is going to occur – a chance to learn a sport, be with friends, and have some fun.


In addition, there will be adjustments we all have to make in this currently altered world.  On our home page, you can find WPPA’s “Return to Safe Play” guidelines that I am imploring each family to read and understand.  This is for the safety of not only your player(s) and your family, but for all of us participating in baseball and softball activities at the parks this summer and fall.


Some key items to make sure you know:


  • For the safety of our community and for enforcement of CDC regulations, some basic rules of the game have been adjusted across age levels.  Please embrace these changes with understanding.
  • For spectators, please adhere to the “Return to Safe Play” guidelines and stay in the spectator area aligned with the outfield space of the fields.  We want to minimize traffic around the benches and home plate.
  • There will be no port-a-potties provided at the ball fields this year per Chicago Park District regulations.  The Welles Park Fieldhouse will also be closed on the weekends.  Plan accordingly.
  • Please don't linger around the park after your game in order to allow for safe spacing associated with game transition.
  • Be kind and understanding.  This goes across fellow spectators, coaches, umpires and others involved in our community.  It has been tough and trying times for most all of us since the COVID-19 pandemic set in.  Our goal now with the return of softball and baseball is to bring a touch of “normal” back into your lives and let our kids have some fun.


Finally, don’t forget each player must sign the Online Waiver before being allowed to participate with their team.


If you have any questions or concerns, please always feel free to reach out to me or any other board member.


Enjoy the coming months of baseball and softball.  Thank you for being a part of the WPPA family!


Play Ball!

-Ross Kerr

WPPA President

by posted 07/09/2020
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