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Photos Tomorrow
by posted 08/07/2020

Photos of Rookie Rangers will be taken tomorrow after the game

  • When: Tomorrow Saturday, August 08, 2020 @1:14pm
  • Where: Welles Park ("picnic" area)
  • Who: Legends Photography

This is directly following tomorrow's game (we are playing the Pirates at Welles Park "Rookie" field at 12pm).  We can all walk over together after and take photos.

Photos are expected to take ~10 minutes.  There will be no "full team" photo this year.

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Bring a "Player's Chair" to the game
by posted 08/01/2020

lawn chair

Bring A Lawn Chair for Your Player(s)

If you have a lawn chair or collapsible chair of some kind please bring one for your kiddo(s) to today's game. 

This year we will not have the kids sit on the bench when we are batting.  Instead we'll be asking kids to social distance.

This is an admittedly impossible task.


BUT...Tracy Samonds passed on a great idea:

coaches have asked each kid to bring a lawn chair to use as their bench which will be spaced out 6 ft and used as a storage space for all their gear

Please consider the above.  If you have a lawn chair bring it and we'll use that as "their" space and place.

Thank you and see everyone at 3:15pm today.

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Game 1 and Game 2
by posted 07/31/2020

Winnemac Park - West

Game 1 is this weekend / tomorrow / Saturday

  • Date: 8/1
  • Time: 3:15pm
  • Location: Winnemac Park - West (see picture)
  • Versus: Tigers (they are the home team / we will bat first)

Note: Anyone that still needs thier uniform, I will be at the north end of the field around 3:05pm and can give it to you them


Game 2 is this weekend / day after tomorrow / Sunday

  • Date: 8/2
  • Time: 12:00pm
  • Location: Winnemac Park - West (see picture)
  • Versus: Tigers (we are the home team / they will bat first)


For games please keep the following in mind:

  • For future games check out the WPPA site (its in there...I just have to really want to find it) or have a look at the google calendar here
  • Check list of "things to bring"...
    • Water
    • Glove
    • Bat
    • Helmet
    • Uniform (strongly suggest wearing uniforms to the game)
    • < Insert other things your kiddo(s) might want here />
  • There are no "post-game" snacks for the team this year
  • If you know you will not be attending a game please let me know as early as you can.  An important note here: there is no "penalty" for not coming to games, it just helps me be ready with the lineup.
  • Please wear a mask and social distance (even as spectators).  The more we do it, the more our kids will do it, the longer the league will last this year, and the more games we will get to play...thats worth it, so lets do it.
  • Don't forget to wear your extra Rangers hat and cheer like crazy!

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Uniform Early Pickup
by posted 07/30/2020

4314 Claremont Porch

Uniforms have been sorted and are available for early pickup.

  • Location: 4314 N. Claremont, front porch
  • Time: Anytime today, tomorrow, or Saturday morning.  I will bring any not-picked-up bags inside once it gets dark.

Each bag (should) contain:

  • 1 pair of blue socks (no size)
  • 1 set of baseball pants (XS)
  • 1 jersey (YS)
  • 2 hats (universal size)

There was a surprising number of hats this year so I attempted to give everyone 2 (if you did not get 2 please let me know).  The extra hat is for forgetful kids or (if you do not have one of those) supportive parents -- please wear them at games or practices or generally if you are looking to become a Texans fan :)

Other Sizes and Extras:

  • There was a few extras of everything so please let me know if you need anything as the season goes on
  • There are also a couple of larger shirts and larger if your kiddo looks like they are stuffed into the jersey or pants please let me know

Anyone that is not able to pick up before the first game please do not worry: I will bring everything to the first game this weekend (8/1 @3:15pm Winnemac Park "West" field) and future games until everything is handed out.  I will plan to come about 15min early and hang out north of the field - we can also do size exchange then as well.


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by posted 07/29/2020

Uniforms are here!

Please email me ( or text me (773-398-5154) how tall your kid is (inches, feet, centimeters, meters, whatever works for you works for me). 

We'll do our best to:

  • Estimate out sizes
  • Get the closest fit we can to each kid
  • Put together bundles to make uniform handout easy (and socially distanced)

First game is this weekend - I'll send the schedule out in the next post <OR> check the WPPA site

Uniforms will be handed out at the first game or (for those interested) we can coordinate a pick up / drop off time over the next couple days.



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New Practice Day, Time, Location
by posted 07/26/2020

Green Briar Park - North

Starting Thursday August 6th the Rookie Rangers will have a new Practice date, time, and location: 

  • Day: Thursdays
  • Time: 4pm
  • Location: Green Briar Park - North
  • August 6th - August 27th

(Google Calendar has been updated here:


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Return To Baseball!
by posted 06/24/2020


Rookie Rangers, let's PLAY BALL!

The season is about to get underway and while it will be a different season than we expected we'll still do all we can to make it exciting and fun!

Here is what I currently know:

  • The season is expected to begin the week of July 6th or shortly after
  • The season will conclude Labor Day (September 7th) weekend

Here is what I currently do not know:

  • Specifically when (if) practices will happen
  • Specifically when games will be

Once I get details I will pass them along using a post or email.

Things to be aware of (hopefully you recieved WPPA President Ross Kerr's June 6th email which outline much of this):

Please keep in mind these are all league mandated rules and there isn't a lot of flexibility on my part.  

If you have specific questions about this contact me and I will try to help.

I hope everyone is excited for the season, it will be fantastic to return to something "normal" considering the recent events related to the pandemic.

Thank you!

Jake Siddall

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