Instructional and Competitive Youth Baseball


How to Locate our Fields

Welles Park is the home park for WPPA, however, games and practices are held at Hollywood Park, Legion Park, River Park, Rogers Park and Winnemac Park.   Scroll down to see a map of each park, where baseball diamons are located, and a link for directions to satellite parks from Welles Park.

Welles Park - 2333 W Sunnyside Ave



Winnemac Park- 5100 N. Levitt St. (for directions from Welles Park to Winnemac Park, click HERE)



Legion Park- 3100 W Bryn Mawr Ave. (for directions to Legion Park from Welles Park, click HERE)



River Park- 5100 N. Francisco Ave. (for directions from Welles Park to River Park, click HERE)




Mather Park - 5941 N. Richmond St.



Hollywood Park - 3312 W. Thorndale Ave. (for directions from Welles Park, click HERE)

Green Briar- 2650 W. Peterson Ave, (for directions from Welles Park, click HERE)