Instructional and Competitive Youth Baseball


"New Players" are all players who:

(1) did not play in the immediate-prior spring season with WPPA; and

(2) are not siblings of returning players.

This includes players who have only played WPPA Fall Ball or who played WPPA spring baseball/softball more than two seasons ago (e.g., did not play the immediate past season).

There are two steps to registering a New Player:

  • STEP 1: The player's parent/guardian must pre-register online during the new player registration period (January 8-14);
  • STEP 2: Parents/guardians of New Players must bring a copy of their player's birth certificate to one of the In-Person New Player Registration Sessions. Those sessions will be at the Welles Park Fieldhouse Lower Level at the following times:
    • ‚ÄčWednesday Jan 15, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
    • Tuesday Jan 21, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
  • If you do not show up at one of these two sessions with your player's birth certificate, YOUR PLAYER MAY BE REMOVED FROM OUR SYSTEM AND WILL NOT BE ENROLLED IN OUR LEAGUE OR PLACED ON A WAIT LIST.
  • It makes no difference what time you arrive at one of these two sessions as all spots will already be pre-determined based upon our lottery system before you arrive that day. For more information about how WPPA pre-determines spots, see the New Player Lottery System section at the bottom of this page.


  1. Select the [TAB ABOVE TBD].
  2. Select Registration/Registration Instructions/Register Online from the horizontal task options on the home page. This page will be not be available until January 8.
  3. Select Pre-Registration from the Select a Registration Category dropdown list.
  4. Page Down to the appropriate age-based registration program. Select the appropriate age-based Online Pre-Registration Program at the bottom of the page. It is essential that you select the correct age-based program. See the table below for guidelines about which program you should select.
  5. Click the Begin Registration button.
  6. If you are 18 years of age or older, press Continue. If not, please have your parent or guardian continue
  7. The process will ask you to create a user ID using your email address. Type your email address, leave the password field empty, and press Sign In. The system will send an email with your password to the email address entered.
  8. Look for the email from WPPA for your password. If you do not receive it in a few minutes, check your spam folder. If you haven't received the email after 15 minutes, contact
  9. Once you receive the password, sign on.
  10. Then complete and submit the free Online Pre-Registration Form.
  11. Once the pre-registration is complete, if you would like to pre-register more than one player, click the link to Return to the Registration page. Then from the task bar near the top of the screen, select How To/Edit My Account. This will take you to the Family Members screen. Click add child and select the appropriate age-based program.
  12. After pre-registration for new players closes, WPPA will execute the Random Selection Process (Lottery) to determine which new player pre-registrants are eligible to register and which will be placed on a wait list.
  13. Deliver a copy of the player's birth certificate at the In-Person New Player Registration Session on either Wed Jan 15 or Tues Jan 21 between 6:00pm and 7:00pm at the Welles Park Fieldhouse Lower Level. You will learn then whether your child has received a spot in the league or is on the wait list. Failure to appear in person during one of these two designated times may result in your spot in the league or place in the wait list being forfeited.
  14. If you are notified that your child has a spot and is eligible to register, the parent/guardian must then register the player online. See the registration sections below.
  15. If notified that the player is on the waitlist, the parent/guardian of the new player must wait for correspondence (via email or phone) indicating that there is an open space.

Once a parent or guardian has been notified that the new player is eligible to register, the parent or guardian must:

  1. Receive an email from WPPA inviting the player to register. This email will include a link to the online registration.
  2. Click the link.
  3. If you are 18 years of age or older, press Continue. If not, please have your parent or guardian continue.
  4. Sign in.
  5. In the Family Members page, locate the player you want to register and select Register.
  6. Enter the remaining information required.
  7. After you have completed the registration for this player, if you would like to register another eligible new player, you must select the link to the appropriate age-based registration programs from the email you received. DO NOT select the Register Another Individual button and DO NOT select the Return to the Registration Page option at the bottom of the screen. The New Player Registration programs are not accessible via these paths.
  8. Once you have registered all of the eligible new players, pay your fees using the online registration.


Wait List

Players who are added to the wait list must wait until space opens up to register. We frequently have movement on our wait lists, so just because you are on a wait list does not mean your child will not get in. The WPPA Registration Administrator will contact you when space opens up.


New Player Lottery System

Our new player lottery system is designed to give all new players to the WPPA a fair and equal chance to join our league. Spots for new players are limited.

When you pre-register your child (all new Spring players must pre-register online between January 8 and January 14 by 5 pm), our computer system will randomly assign your child an ID number. Once you pre-register, you can find your child's ID number by going to How To/Edit my Account, page down one. The ID number will be in the middle of the screen. That number is your child's number for purposes of our new player lottery.

After our online pre-registration for new players ends on January 14 at 5 pm, all ID numbers for pre-registered new players will be placed in a hat. A WPPA board member will then pick one number from the hat per league. That number will be used to start the priority for entry into our league. For example, if we pick number 45038 out of the hat, that will be the first player assigned to a league. Number 45039 would the the next player assigned. We will continue in consecutive number order until all spots in all leagues are assigned.

Once a league is full, the next number in that league will become number one on that league's wait list. We will then populate our wait list in the same consecutive number order.

It makes no difference what time you arrive at one of the two In-Person New Player Registration Session as all spots will already be pre-determined based upon our lottery system before you arrive that day. There is no need to arrive early and wait in line.

If you have any questions about our lottery system, please send an e-mail to or come to one of the In-Person New Player Registration Sessions and WPPA board members will be present to answer any of your questions.