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In light of the recent developments concerning COVID-19, the in-person sales session scheduled for Sun Mar 15 is CANCELLED.  As an alternative, Major players can place their order for a Viper Wood Bat through the WPPA's website.

IMPORTANT:  As you go through purchase process here, please selet your Major or Senior division player for whom you are purchasing this bat (and verify your player's contacnt information on the profile page remains correct).


ORDER DEADLINE: Sunday March 15 - 11:59 p.m.

$90 all-in cost per bat



All Major Division players must use a wood bat – no aluminum or composite bats allowed.


WHY THE VIPER ULTRALIGHT?  It’s very light – with a “drop” rating (weight minus length) of between -8 to -10, they are closer in weight to many aluminum bats players used in the Minor division. Don't let your player be late swinging on every pitch because their bat is too heavy -- get them the Viper Ultralight!



  • Ash, birch or maple wood (maple is most common)
  • Bat-end “cupping” available (reduces end weight, more balanced bat)
  • Lengths 24” – 32”
  • Separate barrel and handle color options
  • Select Viper logo color
  • Personalized lettering up to 25 characters
  • Color options and order form links at bottom of this email


IS THIS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN PURCHASING ELSEWHERE?  No – at $90 each, same price or better than ordering direct, and your player can still customize it exactly as they want!


WHAT TYPE OF BAT SHOULD MY CHILD ORDER?  There are several factors you need to consider when ordering a Viper Bat:

  • Model: Choose between the Ultralight L271 (2-1/4" barrel diameter) or the Ultralight 271 (2-1/2" barrel diameter).   The L271 is lighter -- much closer to the typcal aluminum bats players were used to swinging in Minors, with a drop rating of approximately -8 to -10.   The 271 is bigger and heavier, drop rating is closer to -6 to -3.   Neither wood bat has an actual "drop" rating, because the weight changes with the specific piece of wood used.   In general, we recommend that house-only players get the lightest bat possible -- the L271.   Stronger, bigger players, and those who play travel baseball, can consider the 271.
  • Wood: Maple is the choice for your everyday house player -- it's ready to swing out of the box.   It's the hardest of the wood species avaialble and should last the longest.  Ash is flexible but breaks down after repeated use and will break more easily (rarely do WPPA players order Ash).   Birch is considered a great hybrid of the features of Maple and Ash and is popular among WPPA players who see a lot of action (e.g., travel players).  But birch bats need to be broken in -- meaning you'll want to have your player test that out for a bit in batting cages to get the wood "seasoned" and ready for game use.   Do NOT swing a birch bat in game play out of the box.

    You can research bat wood types easily on the Internet.  Here's one source that breaks it down easily and simply: 
  • Size/Length: For the L271, same as what you would swing for an alluminum bat.   Most Major players swing between a 28" and 29" bat.   30" should be reserved for the older, bigger players.  The 271 is heavier than the L271, so consider a shorter model if the added weight won't work for your player's swing.
  • Cupping: This carves out a cup at the end of the bat -- reducing it's overall weight (to get to that -8 or -10 drop rating) and balances the bat towards the middle.   No cupping means the bat is heavier and weighted towards the barrel end.   For everyday house players, we recommend cupping to keep the weight down and better balance the bat.  In the past, most Major division players have selected cupping.
  • Color?  Engraving?  That's all up to you -- purely cosmetic.  Blue bats hit just as well as orange or red or lime green.   Engrave your player's name, nickname or favorite saying on the bat.  Have fun and create a custom bat your player will love to swing!
  • Quantity?   Wood bats break -- and by the time a player has made it all the way through two years of Majors, they usually break at least one bat.  Considering purchasing more than one so you have a back-up . . . just in case.


If you have any questions whatsoever about what type of bat your player should order, email  .

WHEN WILL BATS BE DELIVERED?  Early April -- with plenty of time to practice with it before WPPA's opening day.



Thank you in advance for supporting the WPPA 12U Black All-Star Travel team by purchasing your Viper Ultralight bat through this Cooperstown tournament fundraiser.   Question?  Email .