Instructional and Competitive Youth Baseball


WPPA Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the costs?

A. The league fees vary year-to-year and are listed on on the League Fees and Payment Page (under Registration>Registration Instructions).

Q. How are players assigned to WPPA teams?

A.  In all divisions except the Rookie League, players are allocated to teams by way of a pre-season draft held in ahead of the season (target is for late February or early March for the draft).   The draft gives coaches an opportunity to choose players with whom they have developed a rapport in past years while maintaining the spirit of fairness and equitable distribution of talent.   Each year, the board reviews draft procedures and makes adjustments that it feels best serves the mission of the association.

Q. Is WPPA co-ed?

A. Yes.   WPPA Youth Baseball accepts and encourages both boys and girls to play baseball in all of our age divisions.  WPPA Youth Softball Division is limited to only girls.   

Q. Is my child in the league?

A. All returning players and their siblings are guaranteed a spot in the league if they register online during the Returning Player registration period (January 1 - 7 prior to the upcoming season).  Players new to WPPA must complete pre-registration and be selected in the random selection process.   See the Registration Instructions page of the website for more details.

Q. When will I be notified about my child's team assignment?

A. WPPA's goal to have coaches and teams completely assigned by the end of March each year.  Please do not reach out to the league until after April 1 to find out who your coach and team assignment is for the upcoming season if you have not been contacted before then.  If you haven't had any contact from your coach by April 10, please contact the league at .

Q. How can I receive WPPA emails to multiple email addresses?

A.  In order to add multiple email addresses to your WPPA website account, in the space provided for your email address, type a comma after your primary email address, then type your additional email address.   For each additional email address, add a comma after the previous email address then the additional email address.

Q. When does the season start?

A. For the Junior, Minor, Major and Senior leagues practice games are usually played the third week April. The regular season games typically start a week after that (the last weekend in April). Your child's coach will provide schedules to you. The Rookie league (5-6 year olds) doesn't start its season until early-May. The Liberty league (15-18 year olds) doesn't start its season until June.

The league posts a tentative schedule for each season by the prior January 1.   View the tentative schedule under the Calendar menu at the top of this page.

Q. When and where are practices held?

A. Coaches will inform you when and where your child's practice will be held.  Due to the limited availability of fields, coaches sometimes schedule practices wherever they can find a field.  Therefore, do not expect to be practicing at Welles Park.  Coaches are asked to practice at least once a week and no more than two times a week while school is in session.

Q. Where are games held?

A. Welles Park is the home park for WPPA, however, games and practices are also held at Hollywood Park, Legion Park, Rogers Park and Winnemac Park.  Maps with field locations and directions from Welles Park can be found by visiting our Field Locations page. 

Q. How many games a week will my child play?

A. Scheduling is always dependent upon the number of teams in the league and field availability. Generally during the regular season your child will play one or two games each week over the weekend (which does include Friday and Monday night games).  Keep in mind that make-up games for rain outs and playoff schedule (starting end of June and running through mid-July) may result in a child playing more than twice a week.

Q. What time of day are the weekday games?

A. The weekday games are held in the evenings only, usually scheduled to start at 5:30pm and games are subject to the time limits stipulated in the rules.

Q. Will my child get to play in every game?

A. The WPPA is an instructional baseball league. All children must play a minimum of  three or four defensive innings depending on the league in the field each game and every child bats throughout the entire game.

Q. What kind of equipment should my child have?

A. Your child must have a baseball glove (preferably leather). Players may also, bring a pair of baseball cleats (no metal cleats except in Liberty league), batting glove(s) and a bat (bat rules vary by age level so please confirm with your coach what bats are allowed). An athletic cup for boys in the Minor division and higher is recommended and required for any boy that plays catcher. The WPPA will provide all other equipment, including uniform jerseys, caps and pants.

Q. Can I still sponsor a team?

A. Absolutely! Visit our How to Become a Sponsor page for more information.

Q. I still have questions, how can I contact the WPPA?

A. For general inquiries please email .