Instructional and Competitive Youth Baseball

Below are the proposed (and last year's) Playoff rules and schedule. All games will be implemented with two umpire crews. Playoffs will start on Tuesday, July 23. If we have a rain out, we will use the next available rain day to play those games. We will attempt to play all games as scheduled, we won't shift the schedule back. Also to be pointed out, the 3 seed has two away games while the 4 has 2 home games.  I tried to change it but couldn't figure out how.  It was the same last 2 years.  The 3 seed is home vs. the 4 seed in their game.  

1. For the round robin round, games will last 5 innings. No inning can start 1 hour and 35 minutes after the start time. Once an inning has started it will be completed. Ties are possible and will count as a half point for each team.

2. The rule above applies to all games, even games that do not have a following game on the schedule.

3. Because of the shortened games, the following WPPA rules need to be modified--

a. Pitchers 18 years or older may only pitch 6 outs. If a team has more than one 18 yr or older, and they all pitch, the total outs for all such pitchers remains 6. Thus one 18 yr old can pitch 6 or two 18yr olds can pitch 3 out and 3 outs, etc. 

b. The three full inning rule (every player to play offense and defense for three full innings) is modified to two full innings.  
c. A game is official after two and one-half (2 1/2) complete innings, if the home team is ahead, or three (3) complete innings if the visitors are ahead or if the game is tied. If the game must be called because of darkness, inclement weather, or time limit before it is considered official, it will be replayed at a later date, from the beginning.  Pitch counts from the original game will count. 
4. Tie breaker rules to advance to the World Series--
Tie breaker 1- head to head based upon playoff games

Tie breaker 2- Overall run differential in the round robin tournament with 10 being the maximum one game differential during the round robin

Tie breaker 3- runs allowed during the round robin