Instructional and Competitive Youth Baseball

In order to enter player ratings you need to sign onto WPPA.

It is inportant to make sure you are on the 2012 season.

There is a 2013 season that pages default to in some pages.

If this occurs change back to 2012.

See the example below.

Please try these steps after signing in.

1) Navigate to your 2012 team.

2) The page will default to the 2013 season so change the Season back to 2012.

3) You will have to select your League/Division/team again.

2) Once your team menu refreshes select the "Results" menu item from the "Teams" menu.

3) A page with multiple sections/headings should show up. Consolation Games(Maybe, if your team played one), Games and Player Ratingss

4) You should see the actionable Sigma icon in the "Player Ratingss" section. If you do not this is a problem. There is a case that has been created with League Athletics
to address this problem.

Player Ratingss
  Date Time Location Opponent W/L/T RF RA  
Show game details Sat 07/28/2012    Player Ratings          Edit Game Results Edit Game Statistics Delete Game
   0 win, 0 loss and 0 tie

5) Click on the Sigma and an updateable player rankings page should appear.

6) I suggest entering 3-4 players, click Submit, and verify the results saved.

Call Ed Mahoney with questions/problems. 312 307 0454