Instructional and Competitive Youth Baseball

Sponsored By:   The Landler Family
Two days before a scheduled practice or game an email RSVP is sent to your team asking yes/no on attendance.

This email will allow people to specify In or Out to the event.

You can determine participation in the event by navigating to the event and viewing your team's response.

Instructions on viewing responses to RSVP

1) Sign onto the web site and navigate to your team's schedule.

2) Click  on "Thumps up" icon for an event that has microhelp of "Check RSVPs"

3) You will see something similar to what is displayed at the bottom of this window, 

If you navigate to an event two days before it's starting date you will see your teams roster listed under the column "No Response".

You can send an RSVP at any time by clicking the email icon in the column header of "No Response". 

If the day before an event if a people are still listed in the column header of "No Response" you can send another RSVP by clicking the email icon in the column header of "No Response". 

Practice Game on 4/20/2013
Attending Not Attending No Response
  Quinn Basta
  Peter Flynn
  Eamon Glascott
  Mike Glascott
  Ryan Hunneke
  Edward Mahoney IV
  Edward Mahoney V
  Tyler Masseur
  Zach Portnoy
  Blair Warren
   John Bloomer
   Collin Kenyon
   Andrew Tolva
   Brenden Bush
   Benjamin Erickson
   Jack Marshall