Instructional and Competitive Youth Baseball

Change Team: 

Step 1 - Log onto the WPPA web site.

Step 2 - Go to the "Teams" tab and select your team.

Step 3 - Select the "Results" menu item from the dropdown list under the "Teams" tab.

Step 4 - All the games your team played with the results will display.   You must select a specific game and click on the Player Category icon. This icon can be green or white. It is on the far right under the column "Actions".

See the screen shot below.

Note - Player Ratings stats encompass a player's entire season.   Pitch counts cover a single game.   This is an important concept because you can pick any game to enter Player Rating stats.   If you need to revise your Player Ratings stats, you need to go back to the original game you used to enter Player Ratings stats.   Only the game you originally entered Player Ratings stats will display stats. 

WPPA suggests using the last game of the regular season as this game will display at the top of the Season Results page.

Step 5 - The Player Statistics page will display.   It has 2 tabs, one tab is Player Ratings, one tab is Pitching.   The Player rating tab 
should be the default tab that is displayed.

Please keep in mind that:

  • You can mouse over each column heading for an explanation. 
  • If you enter character data (letters and punctuation symbols) in a field that is expecting a number, the page will not handle it gracefully.
  • You must check the box in the "Atn" column. 
  • Enter the ratings for one player at a time and then click save until you understand what data is expected.
  • The 'ratings' fields ('Rtg') require a number between 1 and 10.  This rating should be relative to what you have seen across the league, not just your team.  10 is the best (which means best in the whole league that you have seen).   1 is the worst (meaning worst in the league that you have seen).
  • The player rank field ('PlayeRnk') requires a number that indicates the player's relative value with respect to the whole team.   The best player is ranked 1st.   Enter a '1' for your best player.   The second best player would be ranked 2nd.   Enter a '2' for your second best player.   Enter '3' for your third best player, etc.

Step 6 - Enter each player's ratings.   Enter one player and then click save.   Once I understood what data was expected, I entered the data by column across team.   Use whatever method you are comfortable with until all of your player ratings are in.

Thanks for taking the time to enter Player Stats.