Instructional and Competitive Youth Baseball


lcome to the WPPA Fall Baseball Online Registration System.   The Online Registration pages enable you to register your family and players in the WPPA Fall Baseball League.   Please read the information below before you begin your online registration.   When you select the Register Online page, you will need to select the appropriate category from the dropdown list.

Online Registration
Players must register online during the registration period.   To register players, the parent or guardian must follow the instructions below.      

  1. Go directly to and go to the registration section-register online button.
  2. Select Fall Ball Players from the Select a Registration Category dropdown list.
  3. Page Down to the appropriate age-based registration program.   See the table below for guidelines about which program you should select.  
  4. Click the Begin Registration button.
  5. If you are 18 years of age or older, press Continue.   If not, please have your parent or guardian continue.
  6. The next screen is the Registration Sign-In screen.   If you are a WPPA participant, WPPA has created an ID for you.   It is your email address (on file with WPPA).   Use your WPPA website password from last season.  If you don't remember your password, type in your email address in the User Name/Email box, then click Sign In.  The WPPA website will generate a new password and send you an email informing you of the password.
  7. Look for the email from WPPA to obtain your password.   If you do not receive it in a few minutes, check your spam folder.   If you haven't received the email after 15 minutes, contact  .
  8. Once you have signed on, you will see the Family Members screen.   Next to each player, there is a Register button.   For each player that you wish to register, click Register.
  9. Follow the instructions and enter the required registration information.
  10. Once you have completed entering the registration information, if you would like to register additional family members, click the Register Additional Player button.   If the add child button is visible, click the add child button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  11. If the add child button is not visible, from the task bar near the top of the screen, select How To/Edit My Account.   This will take you to the Family Members screen.
  12. From the Family Members screen, select the add child button, select the appropriate age-based registration program, and enter the registration information.
  13. Pay and complete the online registration process.

League Division by Age
WPPA Youth Baseball is divided into three leagues/divisions based on the player's age on May 1, 2017.   Players must register in the registration program associated with their age-based league/division.

How to Determine the Appropriate League/Division
Participation in each league/division requires that the player be no older than the age level prescribed for that league/division based on the player's age on May 1 of the year of the season.   

Age         If the player was born between...            The player will play in...
13-14           May 1, 2002 and Apr 30, 2004                     14U
11-12           May 1, 2004 and Apr 30, 2006                     12U

9-10             May 1, 2006 and Apr 30, 2008                     10U
7-8               May 1, 2008 and Apr 30, 2010                      8U 

Take special care to select the correct age-based program.  

If you have entered a player in the wrong program, the system will not allow you to register the player.   In order to correct this, you must contact the WPPA Fall Ball Registration Administrator by email at   .

League/Division Exceptions

If you have a compelling reason that your child should play in a different age category than prescribed above, you still need to register in the designated registration program based on your child's actual age.   After you register, you must obtain approval to switch leagues/divisions from the WPPA President.   To obtain approval for this exemption, after you register, send an email to the WPPA Registration Administrator at   .    Once you receive the exemption, the WPPA Registration Administrator will make the change to the player's league/division assignment in the system and send you a confirmation by email.   This must occur before the end of the registration period.

Wait List
Players who are added to the wait list must wait until space opens up to register.  We frequently have movement on our wait lists, so just because you are on a wait list does not mean your child will not get in.  The WPPA Registration Administrator will contact you when space opens up.

Fee Payment

All registrants must pay the registration fee online.

League Fees
The league fees are as follows:

League/Division Fee
All Divisions                 $110   

If you have questions about registration, please contact   .