Instructional and Competitive Youth Baseball

Sponsored By:   Paulina Baseball Club

League/Division Exceptions-2015 Spring/Summer
If you have a compelling reason that your child should play in a different age category than prescribed above, you still need to register in the designated registration program based on your child's actual age.   After you register, you must obtain approval to switch leagues/divisions from the WPPA President.   To obtain approval for this exemption, after you register, send an email to   .    In addition to sending the email, you must come to the In-Person Registration Q & A session at the Welles Park Field House Lower Level on Saturday, January 10 between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.   There will be WPPA Executive Board Members there to grant these exemptions.  Once you receive the exemption, the WPPA Registration Administrator will make the change to the player's league/division assignment in the system and send you a confirmation by email.   This must occur before the end of the registration period.