Instructional and Competitive Youth Baseball


WPPA Fall Baseball-2015

2015 Fall Baseball registration will begin on-line on Monday, July 13, 2015 and will close on Monday, August 10 at 5:00 p.m.  Registration is first come first served.  Once we reach our maximum limits of children per league, registration will be closed, which could occur before August 10.  This fall, the WPPA will have three fallball divisions:

12U    Ages 12 &11  

​10U    Ages 10 & 9  

8U      Ages 8 & 7 

​Your child's date of birth on 5/1/15 will be the date to determine eligibility.

You can register this fallball season as an individual or a full team or a partial team.  If you register as a full team, you must have a minimum of 12 players.  If you register as a partial team, individual players who register will be added to your partial team to complete your squad.  No full-time travel teams allowed.  Games will start the weekend before Labor Day (August 29) and play will end the last weekend of October.  

In order to create competitive balance, at each age group, we will have a major and minor division.  All groups which enter as full teams will be put in the major division.  All kids who register as individuals will be placed on teams in our minor division.

The registration fee is $100 per person.  Games will be played at beautiful Winnemac Park on Damen Ave.  All games will be played on Saturday and Sunday.

Our 12U division will feature pitching from 48'6" and bases at 70 feet.  The rules will be modeled after our Senior league, with leadoffs allowed.

Our 10U division will feature pitching from 46" and bases at 60 feet.  The rules will be modeled after our Major league, with stealing after the ball leave the pitcher's hand.

Our 8U division will feature pitching from 44' 6" and bases at 60 feet.  The rules will be modeled after our Minor league, with stealing once the ball crosses home plate.  

For kids who are 13 or 14 years old, we are exploring some ideas and will post more information in the next few weeks.